Customize the conditions in an approval rule forSterling Order Management

Sterling Order Management enables enterprise users to create approval rules that will be used to set and enforce discount policies in theSterling Field Sales application. Enterprise users can also create the conditions under which an approval rule will become applicable. You, as an implementer, can customize the conditions displayed in the Approval Rule Summary screen. A condition pertains to a domain that is displayed in a tree hierarchy containing various entity attributes. Depending on the entity attribute selected, fields are displayed in the dynamic row of the Conditions panel.

You can customize the Conditions panel in the Approval Rule Summary screen by configuring the ApprovalRuleConfig.xml file in the <install_dir>/extensions/sbc/webpages/sbc/metadata/approval folder. You must create the ApprovalRuleConfig.xml file to specify the entity attributes, along with details such as the controls to be displayed in the user interface (UI), query types to be used, and so on.