Defining an enterprise's primary information

You define an enterprise's primary information in Channel Applications Manager.

About this task

To define an Enterprise's primary information:


  1. From the tree in the application rules side panel, choose Participant Modeling > Participant Setup.
  2. From the Roles & Participation tab in the Organization Details window, choose Enterprise Attributes.
  3. In Enterprise Name, enter the name of the Enterprise you are configuring.
  4. If you want to inherit Enterprise level rules from another Enterprise, from Inherit Configuration From Enterprise, select the Enterprise whose configuration you want to inherit.
    Note: If you do not specify an Enterprise to inherit from, you must configure all of the rules for the Enterprise you are creating.
  5. In UCC Prefix, enter the UCC code to be used when identifying the Enterprise on a shipment container marking (SCM).
  6. In Password Policy, select the password policy that you want to associate with the enterprise.
  7. If you want to suppress chained order creation even if the seller requires chained orders, select the Suppress Chained Order Creation Even If Seller Requires Chained Order check box.