HTTP REST XAPI Tester for IBM Sterling Order Management

The HTTP REST XAPI Tester can be used to test IBM Sterling Order Management REST XAPI framework by invoking RESTful APIs.

  • Currently, the HTTP REST XAPI Tester does not support using REST XAPI wrapper to invoke non-RESTful APIs. Such non-RESTful APIs can be tested using the HTTP API Tester. The HTTP API Tester can be accessed using the following URL:
  • The HTTP REST XAPI Tester is provided only to test IBM Sterling Order Management REST XAPIs in development mode.

REST services

XML API (XAPI) capabilities are accessible through a simple REST API layer. You can create, read, update, and delete resources by using HTTP calls that are compliant with REST standards. REST services provides following benefits:
  • Supports JSON and XML input and output
  • Easier to work with existing data store abstractions in Dojo
  • Reduces dependency on custom HTTP client code