Forming queries in the input XML of list APIs

You can enable queries, with conditions, in the input XML of list APIs.

The input XML of list APIs enable queries on conditions such as starts with, contains, is greater than, and so forth. The following example shows a fragment of the input XML that returns a list of items at a specific shipping node that fall within a specific weight range and to be shipped during a specific date range.

Example: getOrderList API input XML with query type values

<Order ReqShipDateQryType="DATERANGE" FromReqShipDate="20010113" 
ToReqShipDate="20030113" /Order> 
<OrderLine ShipNode="Atlantic" /OrderLine> 
<Item ItemWeightQryType="BETWEEN" FromItemWeight="2" ToItemWeight="20"/> 
<OrderRelease CarrierServiceCodeQryType="FLIKE" 
CarrierServiceCode="Priority" /> 
Note: Some APIs do not support QryType for an input attribute. These APIs are:
  • getAssignedPricelistHeaderList
  • getCarrierServiceList
  • getNodeSCACAccountList
  • getOrderLineStatusList
  • getPaymentStatusList
  • getPriceListForOrdering
  • getQueryTypeList
  • getReceiptLinesForTransaction
  • getRegionList
  • getServerList
  • getShipmentListForOrder
  • getSurroundingNodeList
  • getTaskQueueDataList
  • getTraceableComponentList
  • getTraceList
  • getZoneListForDiscount
  • getInventoryAlertsList