Date and time handling by APIs

The application handles values for both date-time and date. Date-time refers to values that contains a date and time component, where Date refers to values that contain only a date component.

Date values can be made nullable by specifying Nullable="true" in the entity XML. Thereby the Date values in the table is blanked out. The expected behavior of a date column is marked as Y is described in the following table.

Action Description
Insert When the field is not populated in a database object (is null), the database infrastructure automatically inserts a null value into the column in the database.
Update When the application nulls out a date, it sets the corresponding field to null value in the database.
Select or List When a column is defined as nullable and the date from the database is returned as null, it is automatically nulled out. So, the corresponding get method returns a null.
Search by date Can pass null value as needed when specified to do so.
Note: If you have specified the date value as 01/01/2400 in versions prior to Release 8.5, those values are now treated as null. The dates with special significance are:
  • Null date - 01/01/2400
  • High date - 01/01/2500
  • Low date - 01/01/1900