IBMid authentication for Sterling Order Management

The IBM® Sterling Order Management includes IBMid authentication, so that business users use their IBMid credentials as a single sign-on to access IBM Sterling Order Management web applications such as the Sterling Business Center, Call Center, Store Engagement, or Sterling Field Sales and web-based tools such as HTTP API Tester, DB Query Client, and HTTP REST XAPI Tester.

Since a user's IBMid is authenticated as a single sign-on, users can log in and use more than one tool or application at the same time, without invalidating the first session, when IBMid is enabled on the IBM Sterling Order Management environment. Also, when a user logs out of an application or tool, the logout page displays the cause of logout.
  • If it is a normal logout by the user, the logout page displays "You have been successfully logged out. Click here to log in." message.
  • If the user gets logged out because of some event such as session timeout and store user is not authorized, the logout page displays the appropriate error message.
Note: For Applications Console (SMCFS) web application, user is asked to close the window on logout. Therefore, no error message is displayed.

What is IBMid?

IBMid is an external identity service to allow customers to engage digitally with IBM. It provides an authentication and registration service for IBMid. IBM Identity Service is the cloud-based identity access and management solution, it provides identity and single sign-on services for IBM applications. You can use IBMid for SSO (Single Sign-on) for IBM Sterling Order Management.

Some of the benefits of using IBMid authentication are:
  • You can log in to IBM applications and offerings to engage with IBM digitally.
  • A tool to reset their password.
  • Email verification to ensure communications is directed to the correct location.
  • Ability to create an IBMid and access products.

How to enable IBMid authentication?

To use IBMid for authentication, you must enable IBMid authentication for the IBM Sterling Order Management environment. To enable IBMid on IBM Sterling Order Management environment, you must raise a ticket with IBM Support.
Note: IBMid authentication can be enabled only on the Preproduction and Production environments.

After enabling IBMid for the IBM Sterling Order Management environment, you must link the IBMid to the IBM Sterling Order Management user. For more information, see Linking an IBMid to an IBM Sterling Order Management user.