Delivery and installation

In addition to the shipped products, Sterling Store provides the capability to manage the execution of delivery services and provided services.

Shipped products are physical products that are purchased and shipped to a customer, such as a piano.

Delivery Services are billable services that are directly associated with a product on a sales order or a return order. For example, the delivery of a high-definition television.

Provided Services are billable services that are offered to enhance the life or usability of a product associated with a sales order. For example, the application of fabric protection on a sofa or installation service for a home theater system.

Delivery Services and Provided Services are also defined as items by the Catalog Organization and are available to all organizations that share that Catalog Organization.

For each service, a list of valid service options is also created as items are associated to the respective service item.

Besides setting up Delivery and Provided Service items, the catalog must also include the definition of the list of delivery and provided service items available for products. This association can be set up at either a level within an Item Classification hierarchy or at an individual product item level.

A Resource Pool in Sterling Store represents a group of individual resources that perform the services. It is the primary mechanism of defining and managing capacity within the Inventory Management module of Sterling Store. Note that it is not intended to represent every individual resource that actually performs the service and it is only a means to represent an aggregate service resource. Defining a resource pool gives you the option to define capacity at the resource pool level or at the service resource level. Even when capacity is maintained at the resource pool level, service resources can still be defined for informational purposes.

Every resource pool belongs to one provider organization that owns the resource pool. A resource pool can either provide delivery services or provided services.

Also, a resource pool is associated with a single node. For a delivery service resource pool, this represents the node from where the delivery is made. For a provided service resource pool, this simply represents the node that is responsible for the management of the resource pool capacity.

You can define the:

Sterling Store, Promising functions check capacity availability against the resource pools that match the service and geography requirements of the order line.