JAX-WS Web services overview

You can expose APIs as Web services. Before you create the application EAR file, you need to define which APIs will be exposed as Web services so that they are included in the Web services WAR file in the EAR. If you are using a non-ASCII character set, the first letter of these API names must be a capital letter.

This section provides a high-level overview of how to configure a JAX-WS Web service.

The following APIs are not supported with JAX-WS Web services:
  • createAsyncRequest
  • evaluateAdvancedCondition
  • evaluateCondition
  • getAgentCriteriaList
  • getPage
  • invokeUE
  • multiApi
  • printDocumentSet

Performance considerations

Injecting handlers into the web services stack can have performance implications. Customers should take care in designing handlers that the actions they perform will not be overly costly since these handlers will get invoked (potentially multiple times) for every API call that is made.