Rolling out a fix pack in a staged mode

If you want a minimal disruption to the production environment and perform a strategic upgrade, you can roll out the delta changes of a fix pack through a staged rollout upgrade approach.

About this task

Perform the following steps to roll out the delta changes of a fix pack in a staged mode:


  1. Make a copy of the older version which serves as the base for the new version roll out. Once the copy is successful, there would be two identical versions present on the same database.
  2. Install the fix pack. This step includes:
    1. Updating the database definition with the new or the modified tables, indexes, and columns.
    2. Installing or defining any new business rules or factory data that is added as a part of fix pack.
    Note: Ensure that you do not update the version table.
  3. Add the new feature configuration.
    Note: Ensure that the new configuration does not modify the existing data.
  4. Build the EAR and deploy.
    Note: Version is an important identifier when rolling out fix packs in staged mode. However, by default, when a fix pack is rolled out, the version table is not updated.

    When the fix pack has been successfully rolled out and you are comfortable with the functioning of the new updates, you can choose to phase out the older version by executing the following script {runtime}/bin/ fullRollOutDataMigration.cmd/sh. from the version that is set as the base. Once the above script is executed, the SI_VERSION table gets updated and the version defined in the table becomes the base instance