Environment specific notes for UNIX and Linux

  • On Linux®, do not use any soft/symbolic links in the path to the jar file. Make sure that you specify the full path to the jar file.
  • Create a UNIX Account

    In a UNIX or Linux environment, you must create a UNIX administrative account on the host server for each installation of Sterling Order Management System Software software. For example, if you want to create a test environment and a production environment, you need to create two UNIX accounts on the host server, one for the test and one for the production environment. For more information about creating UNIX accounts, see your operating system documentation.

  • A root user cannot install Sterling Order Management System Software.
  • When creating a name, such as an account name, permissions name, profile name, or database name, follow these conventions:
    • Use any valid alphanumeric characters and _ (underscore).
    • Do not use spaces or apostrophes.
  • JMS messages are by default encoded with UTF-8. This is controlled by the jms.message.encoding property in yfs.properties, not by the LANG setting in UNIX or Linux environments. Therefore, if using different encoding as part of the LANG setting for LINUX/UNIX machines, you must also override the jms.message.encoding property in yfs.properties to override the encoding of jms messages.