Modifying the payment type details

You can modify the details of the payment type by using the Payment Type Details screen.

About this task

To modify payment type details:


  1. Navigate to the Payment Type Details screen. To navigate to the Payment Type Details screen, perform the following steps:
    1. Log in toBusiness Center as a system administrator or a system setup administrator.
    2. From the System Setup Home page, expand the Payments menu, and then click Manage Payment Types.
    3. The Payment Types Search screen is displayed. In the Payment Types Search screen, enter the search criteria, and click Search to perform a basic search.
    4. The payment types matching the search criteria are displayed. Click the Payment Type ID hyperlink.

    The Payment Type Details screen is displayed.

    Note: If there is only one payment type matching the search criteria, the details of the corresponding payment type are automatically displayed.
  2. In the Payment Type Details screen, you can modify the following:
    1. In the Description* box, enter a brief description of the payment type. The maximum number of characters you can enter is 100 characters.
    2. Select Valid For Return check box if returns is applicable for the selected payment type.
  3. Click Save.