Unexpected error messages in the configuration deployment tool

Error messages might be displayed in the configuration deployment tool.

Depending on the severity, messages about unexpected errors are displayed in either of the following places:

  • In the CDT Status panel (in red)
  • In the Microsoft Windows console used to launch the Configuration Deployment Tool

To analyze and correct these errors:

  • If the error indicates an out-of-memory condition, try your previous operation with a smaller set of data.
  • Verify that your system specifications comply with IBM® recommendations.
  • To increase the memory available for the Configuration Deployment Tool, edit the <INSTALL_DIR>/bin/tmp.cmd file and set the -mx argument value to a higher value. By default, in the tmp.cmd file the HEAP_FLAGS Java™ parameter is set as following.
       set HEAP_FLAGS=-Xms768m -Xmx768m

For example, if you were comparing the complete configuration, try comparing one group at a time. The same is true for the deployment operation.

In other cases, the underlying error and detailed trace are displayed. This may point to an incomplete or faulty installation or incorrectly specified runtime parameters.