Rolling back changes using the CDV tool

About this task

You can rollback changes to a given version label. The CDV Tool audits all the records from a label to the current timestamp, figures out the changes, reverses those changes, and applies it back to the database.

To rollback changes to a particular label:


  1. Start the Sterling Development and Deployment WorkBench.
  2. Select Tools > Deployment > Rollback Data To Version Label.
  3. Select the name of the database and enter the password. Click OK.
  4. Select a To Version Label, and click OK. The Compare screen displays.
  5. From the Comparison Results action bar, choose the Deploy icon. The Input window displays.
  6. In Enter a label for this deployment field, enter the label number from which you want to deploy the configuration data.
    • If the deployment succeeds, the Status panel displays a success message. The data is committed to your target database, and the cache is updated as specified in the httpurl field described in Table 1.
    • If the deployment fails, the Status panel specifies the errors to resolve, and data is not committed to the target database.