Exporting results from the configuration data versioning tool

About this task

Before resolving conflicts in the database, you must export the changes to a file so that they can be later deployed on another environment by using the Export Results option. Exporting results for research is only a "must" when conflicts do exist. If there are no conflicts, exporting results is not required.

To export the results to a file:


  1. Start the Sterling Development and Deployment WorkBench.
  2. Select Tools > Configuration Data Version Deployment.
  3. The Logon screen displays. Select the names of the desired source and target databases, and enter the password for each. Click OK.
  4. The Compare screen displays. Select a From Version Label and a To Version Label and click OK.
  5. From the Comparison Results action bar, choose the Deploy icon.


This option does the following:

  • Creates a new folder under the Reports Directory configured in the Preferences with the naming convention export_<FromVersionLabelID>_<ToVersionLabelID>_<CurrentTS>
  • Creates a version audit file named as ydkversionexport.xml file.