Requested dates of

The requested dates of the order are synchronized with the requested ship date, delivery date, and cancel date. Requested Dates are synchronized when the createOrder and the changeOrder APIs are called.

If the requested order date table is modified at the order line, then the dates on the order line are synchronized as:

  • OrderLine.RequestShipDate=MinShipDate.Requested
  • OrderLine.RequestedDeliveryDate=MinDeliveryDate.Requested
  • OrderLine.CancelDate=MaxDeliveryDate.Requested

If the requested ship date, requested delivery date, or requested cancel dates are modified at the line level, then the requested order dates are synchronized as:

MinShipDate.RequestedDate = RequestedShipDate

MaxShipDate.RequestedDate = RequestedCancelDate

MinDeliveryDate.RequestedDate= RequestedDeliveryDate

MaxDeliveryDate.RequestedDate = RequestedCancelDate.

The synchronization for the order header follows the similar logic.