Advanced subscription search

You can search for a subscription using an advanced search.

About this task

To complete an advanced subscription search:


  1. Navigate to the Subscription Search screen. To navigate to the Subscription Search screen, perform the following steps:
    1. Log in to Business Center as an administrator or a user with data synchronization permissions.
    2. The application home page is displayed. In the Data Synchronization dashlet, click Find Subscription.

      The Subscription Search screen is displayed.

  2. Click Advanced Search.
  3. The Advanced Subscription Search panel is displayed. From the Select Criteria list, select the criteria that you want to include in the search.
    For example, to search for a profile based on the short description, select Profile Short Description from the Select Criteria list.
  4. From the Operator list, select the operator that you want to use for the search criteria.

    In the corresponding field, enter the appropriate value for the criteria. The fields are displayed based on the criteria or the operator you select.

    Note: It is mandatory that you select or enter at least one search criteria and a corresponding value. If you select or enter, more than one search criteria, the search returns the items that match all the criteria.
  5. Click Search.

    The subscriptions that match the search criteria are displayed. However, if there is only one profile that matches the search criteria, the Subscription Details screen is displayed.