N-tier orders

The Sterling Order Management System Software provides the ability for an order to create subordinate orders in order to fulfill communication with third parties or to perform some other related unit of work.

This ensures that the subordinate orders report status updates, where appropriate, back to the parent order and that the parent order can communicate change in linked values to each subordinate order.

Sterling Order Management System Software provides the following types of n-tier orders:

  • Chained Orders
  • Derived Orders

Each n-tier order uses its own interface and follows its own pipeline. You can construct pipelines for chained orders that, in turn, spawn another n-tier order. In theory, n-levels of orders can be chained or derived, if applicable within a given scenario.

The creation of the n-tier order is tied to the Create Chained Order transaction which converts the releases on the parent order into a single chained order for a given organization pair. The document type for the n-tier order can be specified during the configuration of the document type of the parent order.