Introduction to installing Reference Implementation

The Reference Implementation factory setup comprises the following components:

  • Configuration Data — This consists of the basic configuration data required for an application, including new organizations, common codes, and rules.
  • Activator — In the Activated mode, the newly provided events, user exits, and pipelines in the factory setup are activated. During the validation process, if any of the records exist in a state that is different from the standard Sterling Order Management System Software factory setup, the validation process fails. Otherwise, it succeeds.
  • Demo Data — This comprises Master Data which consists of an example data that can be used to demonstrate the application, including sample items. It is expected that this data is not used in a production environment. The master data comprises the following data: Items, UOMs, Associations for the Product Catalog, Region and Resource pools for Value Added Services, Users, User Groups, and Queues.

Before you run the Reference Implementation data, ensure to install the Reference Implementation using the IBM Installation Manager.

Reference Implementation can be run multiple times for a single installation, with different enterprises to create multiple online business channels, for a single company.

The following table provides a list of targets that can be used with the ant scripts provided to run the Reference Implementation data.

Table 1.
Ant Target Description
install This is the default target that installs all the components of Reference Implementation. This target invokes the validate, activator, and noactivator targets.
validate This target validates the existing data, but does not insert data.
activator This target activates the data.
noactivator This target installs only the configuration data and demo data (if -Drunmasterdata is set to Y).

The following table provides the -D option for the ant targets described earlier in this topic.

Table 2.
-D option Description
runmasterdata This target can be used to install the demo data as long as it is used with the install and noactivator ant targets.