Applying fix pack factory setup manually

Ensure that you install the application and application installer directory is made available.

Note: Ensure that the LOAD_FACTORY_SETUP property is set to true in sandbox.cfg.
If the runtime that you are using already contains latest fix pack, apply the fix pack factory setup by using the following commands:
cd <runtime>/bin

# Install the FP factory setup with optional FROM_FP to indicate which FP to install the FP factory setup from.
./ -f FSHelper.xml [-DFROM_FP=<installed-fp-number>]
  • IBM® Sterling Order Management System Software follows V.R.M.F version convention.
  • For fix packs including and earlier, pass the value of F for <installed-fp-number>. For example, the value of <installed-fp-number> for is 31.
  • For fix packs including 10.0.2206.0 and later, pass the value of M.F for <installed-fp-number>. For example, the value of <installed-fp-number> for 10.0.2206.0 is 2206.0.