Rescheduling of an order is allowed when the attributes that are important for scheduling are modified.

Rescheduling is enabled only through order holds and the following user configuration:

  • The user has to create a hold type
  • This hold should prevent ReleaseOrder and CreateChainedOrder Transactions from picking an order
  • This hold should be triggered by modification types that impacts scheduling (Order Line Reservation Change, ShipToAddress Change, Node change, and so on)
  • This hold should be resolvable by SCHEDULE transaction.
    Note: If you must reschedule an order because of inventory changes, use IBA (item-based allocation) instead of the rescheduling feature.

Whenever schedule picks up an order, it checks if the order has any active holds that schedule is configured to resolve. If so, then it confirms that schedule is in reschedule mode. After the schedule ends, it closes all holds that were configured to resolve, unless an order could not be processed.

When there is any modification to the line and line has been scheduled, order line schedules remain unchanged. The line goes on hold and then is be rescheduled. Once the schedule ends, the hold type is removed from the order.