SKU dedication data-loading

This service modifies the attributes of a location, and is basically used to dedicate a location as a dedicated location. A dedicated location is one that stores inventory for a particular item only. It calls the modifyLocation() API.

Note: This service require 9 attributes. If you are giving 8 commas to separate these 9 attributes, you have to make sure that the last attribute is non-blank. If it is blank, you have to close it with an extra comma, which means the 9th comma. In this case, 9 commas does not mean that there are 10 attributes.
Attribute Description Sequence Data Type Size
SKUDEDIC The SKU Dedication header identifier 1 String 8
LocationId The identifier for the location. This in conjunction with NODE_KEY identifies a unique location in the node 2 String 40
Node The node to which the location belongs to 3 Key 24
EnterpriseCode The code of the enterprise to which the location is dedicated 4 String 40
ItemId The item identifier of the SKU 5 String 40
UnitOfMeasure The unit of measure of the SKU 6 String 40
ProductClass The product class of the SKU 7 String 40
SegmentType SKUs are sometimes custom made. This field stores the customization details. 8 String 40
Segment SKUs are sometimes custom made. This field stores the customization details. When inventory is customized for a specific order, it needs to be tracked separately so that it can be allocated to that order 9 String 40

Schema files used

The schema files used by each component of the service and the API called by the service are as follows:

  • Service Name: SkuDedications
  • Service Group: InitialDataLoad
  • Text Translator: SkuDedicationSchema
  • XSL Translator: SkuDedication
  • API: modifyLocation
  • Server Name: SkuDedicationLoader