Archiving an order

The Archive Service service provides the capability to store historical order data and its related entities.

Sterling Order Management System Software might optimize and orchestrate the order data to determine payload for archival for each archival request. As a result, a single request can contain the entire order document with all its related entities based on the allowed batch size. Alternatively, each request can contain a supported order part with a collection of rows and their related entities. The Archive Service service can store data from each request as a separate row in the archive storage system. This allows for a fast archival operation where each request is an insert operation.

By default, the Archive Service service supports order parts, such as order, orderLine, and orderAudit. For any additional part names, configure the order_archive_additional_part_name property as a comma-separated list of values. Any such order part is configured for an entity with large volume of rows. Hence, the data that is stored for those order parts is potentially a collection of entity rows. When a request is made with an order part as order, it must be a single document and not a collection.

The Archive Service also provides the capability to accept multiple order parts or multiple chunks of the same order part in a single API request. This is useful when a single order is orchestrated for archival such that multiple chunks of data are formed and capable of being included in a single batch. This archival operation in bulk is successful only when the archival of each individual order part within the batch is successful.

The archive operation requires a unique identifier of an order. If the unique ID attribute is not provided in the input, the Archive Service service queries the Order Search service for an order by using the other identifying attributes from the request. If an order exists, the unique ID is obtained from the search index document and used for archiving the order data. Otherwise, an error message is displayed. Also, if you configure the mandate_unique_id_in_request property as true, and do not provide the unique ID attribute in the input, an error message is displayed.

The Archive Service service is designed to assess the size of, and the parts that are contained within, orderPartArray. After the limit is reached, and contains all order parts, the order archival process is initiated.