Saving an order

Order Search provides the capability to index the order summary based on a predefined schema.

Whenever an order is created or modified in Sterling Order Management System Software, an outline of the order is saved in Order Search. This showcases an updated state of an order in Order Search that you can search for without depending on Sterling Order Management System Software. Thus, Order Search becomes the single source of visibility for all orders that are fulfilled through Sterling Order Management System Software.

Order Search provides options to save a single order document or multiple order documents in bulk. It ensures that each of the order document is saved to the correct index whenever an update operation happens. Otherwise, the order documents are created in the current writable index.

Order Search supports history mass sync to save history orders as well by passing an additional parameter in the bulk save request. The saveTo optional parameter accepts an index name, and all the orders in the bulk request are thus indexed. This helps you to segregate historical orders and index them into separate past-years' indexes, while migrating orders to the search index. This feature is available only when you set the use_index_name_in_request property. After the initial migration is completed, reset the property to the factory value so that the save operation can identify the index where the order is present and update it. A failure of resetting the property after the initial migration can cause duplicate orders and data integrity issues.