Managing an index

Order Search provides the capability to create an index with a predefined schema that consists of mappings for various fields based on which the documents are indexed and searched.

You can define the fields in the schema to contain one or more characteristics, such as searchable, returnable, sortable, and analyzed. Order Search supports several configurable settings that are provided by Elasticsearch, as part of the schema to customize the index behavior based on requirements. The supported settings are of two types: static and dynamic. When you create an index, set the static settings. These settings cannot be modified. But, you can modify the dynamic settings on a live index as well.

An important part of good Elasticsearch hygiene is the indexing strategy that helps to avoid a massive index, which holds too much of your data. Order Search allows cloning an index from the schema of an existing index so that you can create indexes for specific periods for better management. Order Search ensures that only a single writable index exists at any point of time.

Order Search allows cloning indexes for the initial migration of order data by passing a specific name suffix as an optional parameter. You can use this feature only for the initial migration and for setting the use_index_name_in_request=true property.

You cannot update an existing field in the schema. However, you can add a field to the schema and update the dynamic setting.