Data model for Order Search

A data model provides a generalized view of data that represents the real data for your business.

The following table describes the data model for Order Search, which stores the index configuration in the oss_index_config table.

Column name Type Valid values Description
tenant_id Text    
i_id Text   The alias name assigned to the indices in elastic search for the indexable resources such as order, audit, order audit or inbox, or shipment in Sterling Order Management System Software.
is_write Boolean   Indicates that it is a write index.
i_name Text   Refers to the actual name of the index in elastic search.
mappings Text   Refers to the mappings JSON that comprises of fields in index in the elastic search format.
settings Text   Refers to the settings JSON that comprises of the fields in index in the elastic search format.
upd_reqd Boolean   Indicates whether the mapping definitions for an index is updated recently. This can be a trigger to reindex an indexable resource so that it is indexed again according to the latest mapping definition. A successful reindex operation resets this flag.
version Integer   Refers to the index definition version. This increments every time an index is updated with new mappings