Promising for products being shipped

You can use the capabilities for promising.

As part of its promising functions, the application provides the following capabilities:

  • Inquiries about product availability. The product availability inquiry function takes into consideration all the business rules associated with the promising function and provides one or more options for sourcing and possible shipment dates. Using the user interface, you can inquire about product availability for a specific order. Using the promising API, findInventory (), which does not require a preexisting order, you can inquire about product availability for a set of items.

    If a custom segment type is passed in the API input, the application looks for an exact match. If the exact match is not found, the application creates the supply with the custom segment type stamped on the order.

  • Scheduling an order or order line. The application provides APIs and transactions to schedule an order for shipping at an appropriate time. The scheduling function determines the node and expected shipment date and schedules a shipment against the same. The scheduling function also reserves the inventory at the shipping node for the expected shipment date.
  • Creation of notifications and chained documents to notify the nodes or suppliers at the appropriate time.