Scenario: Pricing and payment at point of sale

This business scenario illustrates a customer purchasing in-store items and placing an additional order at checkout, using multiple coupons and forms of payment.

Table 1. Scenario: Pricing and payment at point of sale
User action Sterling Order Management System Software features
In store, customer has selected and needs to check out a large number of items. A customer receipt is printed as an in-store invoice that records the payment and improves the ability to handle multiple order lines during point of sale payment processing. With point of sale payment processing, line detail information is discarded after the price of the order is computed. This increases performance, since in-store orders can have many order lines that weigh down transaction processing and increase database size.
At point of sale terminal, the customer decides to order another item for home delivery.

Operator places order at point of sale, and verifies that item is in stock at the distribution center.

Customer also produces two valid coupons that can be applied to the same item. Use of one of the coupons requires a loyalty card, but customer doesn't have card in his possession.

The operator looks up the customer file by phone number.

Sterling Order Management System Software provides a link to an external loyalty program to verify membership. Based on the items and quantities purchased, the loyalty program system indicates what promotions can be applied.

User exits utilized: YCPGetCustomerListUE is used to link to the external loyalty look up program. OMPGetLoyaltyPromotions returns the customer-specific offers. Promotions are added to the order through a changeOrder call.

The coupons are both good for 10% off.

Distributed Order Management determines how multiple coupons are applied to the item based on the priorities that are configured for the coupons, whether they are mutually exclusive, and other factors.

Customer pays with two forms of payment, credit card and debit card. In Distributed Order Management, multiple payment forms are configured as payment types in Sterling Business Center.

Distributed Order Management authorizes and settles against the customer’s card for the full shipment (ship to home) item. An "in store" is issued for the cash and carry items.

Result: Customer leaves store with discounted merchandise and anticipating home delivery of "full shipment" item.