System-defined validation and validation rule examples

The following validations and predefined rules are examples of validations and rules defined in the installation. System-defined validations cannot be modified or deleted.

Table 1. Examples of system-defined validations
Domain Validation Description Example or details
Order Manually override price Defines the approval conditions that would allow an employee to manually override a price or give a manual discount percentage. An employee needs to offer a price on an item that differs from the price that is determined by the pricing engine. For example, a company might have a “price match” policy, and a cashier might need to manually enter the price that matches the price offered by a competitor. If manager approval is required for price matches, the transaction is flagged. A manager can then approve or reject the price match.
Order Negative order total Allows an enterprise administrator to set up override rules that govern approvals when an order total exceeds a negative amount limit. Customer's order total is a negative amount as a result of "extreme couponing" or a loophole in store coupon policy. Manager approval is required in such cases, so the transaction is flagged by the override rules. A manager can then approve or reject the negative total.
Pricing Too few matching items sold Defines what occurs when the quantity condition, or number of purchased items required, is not met for a coupon. If 12 or more alkaline batteries are purchased, a discount of 10% applies. A customer purchases 10 batteries, and the override rules are evaluated. Because the rules are set up to have no exceptions, a manager cannot give the discount on an order of 10 batteries.
Payment processing Configure offline limits Allows an enterprise administrative to configure how much to accept on an in-person order when contact with the payment gateway cannot be established. Under a certain limit, it might be allowable for an offline transaction to complete and collect after the customer leaves the store.
Payment capture Tender limits Allows an enterprise administrative to configure what amount of a specific type of payment can be accepted on an order. Validation occurs when the payment method is added to the order. Example: No checks are accepted for an amount over $200.
Returns Return window Allows a customer to rearrange the order of a refunded payment method. A debit card might refund to debit card or cash, depending upon whether the card is present.