Configuring Affinity and Tolerations parameter

  • Used to define list of affinity and toleration spec.
  • The server can refer this using the name used to define the group. For more information on configuring affinityAndTolerations parameter, see affinity and toleration.

The following .yaml snippet is a sample schema of affinityAndTolerations:

    - name: ""
  #   affinity: <kubernetes-affinity-spec>
  #   tolerations:
  #   - <kubernetes-toleration-spec>
The following table explains the attributes applicable for affinityAndTolerations of OMEnvironment.
Property Default value Value type Required Description
name   string Yes Specify the affinityAndTolerations group name.
affinity   object No For more information, see affinity.
tolerations   array No For more information, see tolerations.