Promising delivery services

Product lines can be associated with delivery service requests.

Delivery services are typically provided for products that:

  • Are heavy, oversized or fragile and cannot be transported by common carriers
  • Require special handling that requires special equipment or personnel

Examples of products that require delivery services are Projection TVs or Washing Machines.

This section discusses product capability related to promising functions for products being delivered using last mile delivery services. For delivering a set of products, a delivery service request must be associated with the product lines being delivered. Sterling Order Management System Software assumes that all product lines must be delivered completely at the same time when scheduling the delivery service. If any part of the product line is not available (because of inventory, status availability or any other reason), complete delivery is not scheduled.

Typical steps in the promising process for delivery services are:

  • Inquiring about an available slot for the delivery and recording a customer appointment based on that availability
  • Scheduling the delivery based on the recorded appointment
  • Notifying the delivering node to make the delivery