Resolving database conflicts using the configuration data versioning tool

About this task

The database conflicts can only be resolved by editing the version audit file ydkversionexport.xml. The ydkversionexport.xml file contains all the changes that are applied to the system. Any detected conflict is described within a <Conflict> element. The <Conflict> element contains the information such as conflict type and conflict description.

To resolve conflicts:


  1. Export the results to the ydkversionexport.xml file (if not already done). For more information about exporting results, see Exporting results from the configuration data versioning tool.
  2. Open the ydkversionexport.xml file and search for the <Conflict> element to find out the type of conflict. The CDV Tool supports following types of conflict:

      Below is a sample <Conflict> element entry from the ydkversionexport.xml file:

         <Conflict ConflictDescription="Record does not exist"