Procurement purchase order

Sterling Order Management System Software will create a procurement purchase order if certain conditions can not be met.

A purchase order is created by Sterling Order Management System Software when:

  • The final shipping point to the customer is one of your nodes (or a 3PL node or a node owned by same legal entity)
  • The shipping node does not have enough stock and needs to be replenished from an external organization's node.

Sterling Order Management System Software creates the purchase order at the time of scheduling the original order if:

  • The ship node and the node you are procuring from are passed in the order line, or
  • Sourcing rules are used and are configured to use ship nodes instead of distribution rules.

The purchase order is created in "scheduled" status. You can configure the release agent to release the purchase order or decide to communicate the purchase order directly.

If communicating through the purchase order, you can build controls as required using pipeline configuration.

If an order release is created on the purchase order for communication, communication date can be controlled.