Adding a service skill to a resource pool

You can add multiple service skills to a resource pool.

About this task

The resource pool can run services only for the specified service skills. For example, a resource pool consisting of a set of plumbers can provide multiple installation services, such as washing machine hookup and refrigerator hookup. The Service skills needed could be multiple installation skills like plumbing and electrical skills.

To add a service skill to a resource pool:


  1. In the Resource Pool Search window, perform the following steps:
    1. Enter the applicable search criteria and choose the Search icon. A list of resource pools displays.
    2. Choose the appropriate resource pool, and choose the Details icon. The Resource Pool Details window is displayed
  2. In the Resource Pool Details window, choose the Create New icon from the Service skills table. The Service Skills pop-up window displays.
  3. Select the applicable service skills and choose the Save icon. The service skill is added to the Service Skills table.