Setting up WebSphere to display barcodes and graphs

About this task

Sterling Order Management System Software uses the X Window functionality to display barcodes and dynamic graphical images (such as inventory supply & demand graphs) in a UNIX environment.

The following configuration is required to enable the X Window environment in UNIX systems for the WebSphere® application server:


  1. From the WebSphere Administrative Console, go to Servers > Application Server and select the application server specified for Sterling Order Management System Software .
  2. On the Configuration tab, select Java™ and Process Management under Server Infrastructure option.
  3. Select Process Definition.
  4. On the configuration, go to Additional Properties and select Environment Entries.
  5. Select New.
  6. On the General Properties enter the Name as DISPLAY and the value as IP_address_of_XWindows_server:0.0. Do make sure that the X Window server accepts requests from this client.
  7. If you are using UNIX, run the xhost+ command to remove access control for your X Window server.

    You can run X server on the same server in which you run Sterling Order Management System Software . However, you need to be logged to the server console.

    Restart the application server for the DISPLAY variable to take effect.

  8. Save the changes to the Master Configuration.
    Note: If the X Window server goes down or crashes while the inventory user interface is using the Fusion jar file, the WebSphere server also goes down.