Planning considerations for shipping

You can plan to ship one or more order lines.

When planning to ship one or more order lines, the goals include:

  • Delivering the items in a cost-effective way
  • Meeting any requirements of the customer for shipping. For example, ensure that orders from different departments within the same organization are shipped individually to each department
  • Deliver the items in a timely fashion

In practice, creating an effective plan for shipping depends on a large number of practical considerations. Often, there is a trade-off between the speed of delivery and the cost of delivery. The enterprise that is shipping items often attempts to minimize the number of shipments and loads that are sent, while the buyer is concerned with receiving shipments in a form that is convenient for the buyer's internal processes. Also, if part of a shipment gets lost and is not delivered, that order line may be reshipped at the customer’s request.

With Sterling Order Management System Software, you can establish how these shipping planning considerations should be assessed. Using Sterling Order Management System Software, you can increase the efficiency of your delivery planning by establishing conditions and processes for interacting with your buyers.