Manage change requests

Use the Manage Change Requests module to manage Change Requests. The Change Requests screen allows you to view a list of change requests assigned to the current logged in user, view the details of a Change Request or mark a Change Request as complete.

To view Change Requests, perform the following steps:
  1. From the tree in the application rules side panel, select Change Project Management ->Change Requests
  2. The Change Requests screen is displayed with a list of available Change Requests along with their status.
  3. Select a Change Request from the list.
  4. After you select a Change Request, you can do one of the following operations:
  5. Click details to view the details of the Change Request. The Change Request Details dialog box is displayed with the Change Request details such as Change Request ID, Change Project ID, Status, Short and Long Descriptions.
  6. Click complete to mark a Change Request as complete.
    Note: Only Change Requests that are in "Work in Progress" status can be marked complete.
  7. Click select to mark a Change Request as "Work in progress" for the logged in user.
  8. Click deselect to remove the Change Request from "Work in progress" status for the logged in user.
    Note: The Change Request status does not change to "Open".