How to deploy custom tables using the CDT

The CDT automatically deploys configuration tables and extensions defined within the Sterling Order Management System Software database framework. If you have custom (non-Sterling Order Management System Software) configuration tables defined in your installation, CDT needs to be specially configured to deploy these tables.

To enable CDT to deploy these tables, the tables need to be registered with CDT by creating a special custom deployment XML file, called cdt_custom.xml. A sample of this file can be found in your <INSTALL_DIR>/resources/ydkresources directory. This file defines a group named "Custom Tables" and should include a list of your custom tables. CDT automatically compares, displays, and deploys changes to custom records for all tables that have one or more primary key columns.

This tool does not support custom tables as drivers or the representation of custom tables in a dependency tree structure. As a result, all custom tables can only be deployed together as part of the "Custom Tables" group. It also does not support custom tables without a primary key.

The cdt_custom.xml file contains the following:

<Group Name="Custom Tables">
   <Table Name="CUSTOM_CONFIG_TABLE_1"/>
   <Table Name="CUSTOM_CONFIG_TABLE_2"/>