CDT source and target environments

The Sterling Order Management System Software Configuration Deployment Tool deploys data from one Sterling Order Management System Software environment to another.

The deployment could occur from development to test environments, from staging to production environments, and so forth. The environment that serves as the point of origin for the data is known as the "source" environment. The destination environment into which data is deployed is defined as the "target" environment. This deployment can be in the form of importing and exporting data to and from databases or XML files.

If you make any changes to the configuration data in the source database, the existing transactions in the CDT may be affected.

Also, for the YFS_TRAN_LOCN_ATTRS table, only the configuration data is copied to the target database. The transaction data columns such as Pend_in_volume, Pend_in_weight, and Freeze on variance are not copied to the target database. The weight and volume are recalculated and updated in the target database.

The following example shows the required format of these XML files.

Figure 1. Configuration data XML
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> 
  <AtpRules AccumulationDays="730" AdvanceNotificationTime="0"
  AtpRule="DEFAULT" AtpRuleKey="DEFAULT" AtpRuleName="DEFAULT"
  BackwardConsumptionDays="730" ConsiderPoForAlloc="N" Createprogid=""
  Createts="" Createuserid="SYSTEM" ForwardConsumptionDays="730" Lockid="0"
  MaxInventoryHoldDays="730" Modifyprogid="SYSTEM" Modifyts=""
  Modifyuserid="SYSTEM" OrganizationCode="DEFAULT" PastDueDemandDays="730"
  PastDueSupplyDays="730" ProcessingTime="0" />