Amidst increased competitive environment and growing customer demand, fulfilling orders across multiple channels has become increasingly complex.

Sterling Order Management Software is a comprehensive software solution that tracks orders from inception to delivery and manages processes and data connected to the order as it moves through its order life cycle.

Sterling Order Management Software provides cross-channel order orchestration capabilities that enable intelligent brokering of orders across many disparate systems. It manages all information, including order capture, inventory management, order fulfillment and after-sales services and scheduling, and provides real-time visibility into orders from all channels, and thus enables business users to dynamically make changes to order processes.

Business users can streamline the order management process by using a single view of orders and inventory across the entire fulfillment network. Organizations can order and receive from any channel, get a committed fulfillment promise, and track the order status.

Sterling Order Management Software is an on-premise offering and available in both Professional and Enterprise editions. Both these editions are also available for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform with the only difference being the installation approach and support for complex configurations. Business users can deploy the base software as an on-site solution inside their firewall or onto the hosted infrastructure from any provider of their choice. They can also configure and deploy Sterling Order Management Software on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. The optional components are compatible with Sterling Order Management Software and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

Sterling Order Management Software enables enterprises to increase fill rates and inventory turns, reduce markdowns, improve customer loyalty and increase share of wallet. Enterprises can also make better decisions on how to promise and fulfill customer orders that results in improved profitability and customer satisfaction.

The various modules and key features of Sterling Order Management Software allow enterprises to track and manage orders from inception to delivery and after sales servicing and scheduling including order capture, inventory management, order fulfillment, returns and repair processes by providing real-time visibility into orders from all channels. Enterprises can configure and set up business process workflow, map participants in a supply chain to the corresponding roles in the product. To ease accessibility, the software provides application platform for product management, inventory management, agent monitors, and so on. The product supports additional components that can be ordered separately based on your licensing agreement. A robust Business Intelligence user interface provides operational and analytical reporting capabilities to create and manage adhoc and scheduled reports.

Key capabilities

Sterling Order Management Software includes the following key capabilities:
  • A single view of supply and demand across channels to provide improved inventory utilization and more accurate promise dates.
  • Coordinated, customized fulfillment execution to support various selling channels and both internal and external supplies.
  • One source of order information to provide customers with accurate and timely alerts and updates.
  • Integrated order fulfillment processes across all selling channels to provide a seamless customer fulfillment experience.