About business rule validations and overrides

Sterling Order Management System Software supplies a validation framework that you can use for business rule validation and override scenarios.

During on premise transactions, situations occur where normal business rules must be overridden in order to satisfy a customer, maintain transaction accuracy and integrity, or achieve other business goals. The validations and overrides framework in Sterling Order Management System Software can be used to implement manager override scenarios.

Examples include:
  • A customer who presents coupons that, in number or in value, exceed limits set by store policy
  • A customer who presents an expired coupon
  • A customer who wants to tender a large amount on a debit card or by another payment method
  • A customer whose age must be verified to ensure a legal transaction
These situations require operator attention or manager intervention. the point of sale application can check for unusual situations and alert the operator with a message when they occur. Operator and manager override capabilities, which allow an approver to review a violation, can allow a transaction to continue.

The business rule validation and overrides feature is implemented through a combination of validations, validation rules, override rules, and approval plans.


An enterprise has defined a maximum limit on the number of coupons that can be used in an order, restricting it to five coupons in a single order. However, there is also a requirement to allow more a larger limit for preferred customers, who can use up to ten coupons per order without manager approval. A plan is also in place that gives the operator the discretion to allow regular customers to use more than five coupons, and to allow preferred customers to use more than ten.