Multi-client orders

When multiple versions of PCAs are installed on one version of Sterling Order Management System Software, an order created in one version of a PCA can be accessible in another version.

This enables customers to roll out a new version of a PCA across one set of stores, while the others remain on the older version until ready to upgrade.

In this scenario, a Customer Service Representative (CSR) can create an order in using the IBM® Sterling Call Center and Sterling Store Engagement (Legacy) Release 8.2, and another CSR is able to schedule pickup on that order in Release 9.1. When a feature has some access limitation between versions, a message may be provided to the user indicating that this feature is limited or unavailable across versions.

The multi-client order feature is enabled by setting up order tags, which are triggered automatically on certain modification rules. During order creation or modification, these tags are automatically set.

Tag creation on an order occurs based on the following criteria:

  • It satisfies the configured Order Header condition
  • It satisfies the configured Order Line condition
  • Specific modification types have occurred
  • They can be set manually