Obtaining container images

You can obtain the Sterling Order Management System Software container images from IBM Entitled Registry and push them into the cluster.

Creating a Docker Image Pull Secret for pulling images from IBM Entitled Registry

To pull the Sterling Order Management System Software container images from IBM Entitled Registry you must supply your entitlement key.

  1. Obtain an entitlement key from IBM Container Software Library by using your IBMid and password that are associated with the entitled software.

    If you are not directed to the Entitlement page, click View library and click Get entitlement key.

  2. Click Copy key to copy the generated entitlement key and save the entitlement key to a safe location for later use.
  3. Optional: Click View library to verify the validity of the entitlement key.

    You can view the list of products that you are entitled to. If Sterling Order Management System Software is not listed or if the View library link is disabled it indicates that the identity with which you are logged in to the container library does not have an entitlement for Sterling Order Management System Software. In this case, the entitlement key is not valid for installing the software.

  4. Configure the entitled registry information by completing the following steps:
    1. Run export commands to set ENTITLED_REGISTRY to cp.icr.io.
    3. Set ENTITLED_REGISTRY_KEY to the entitlement key that you have saved.
  5. Run the following command to log in to IBM Entitled Registry:
    <containerization_tool> login "$ENTITLED_REGISTRY" -u "$ENTITLED_REGISTRY_USER" -p "$ENTITLED_REGISTRY_KEY"

    Here, <containerization_tool> refers to buildah, docker, or podman based on your platform. For example, buildah login "$ENTITLED_REGISTRY" -u "$ENTITLED_REGISTRY_USER" -p "$ENTITLED_REGISTRY_KEY"

  6. Run the following command to pull the container images from IBM Entitled Registry:
    <containerization_tool> pull cp.icr.io/cp/ibm-oms-<edition>/<image_name>:<image_tag>-<cpu_architecture>
    Here, For example, buildah pull cp.icr.io/cp/ibm-oms-professional/om-base:
  7. Optional. Run the following command to create Docker pull secret for pulling the container images from IBM Entitled Registry:
    kubectl create secret docker-registry <secret name> --docker-username="iamapikey" --docker-password="<Entitled registry API key>" --docker-email="<email address" --docker-server="cp.icr.io" -n services

Registry image names for Sterling Order Management System Software Professional and Enterprise editions

For the <tag> value that is specified in the following table,
  • If you are installing the application on OpenShift console, use the catalog image tag as V1.0. This tag is static.
  • For a specific version of the Operator tag, see the resources.yaml in the operator package, by navigating to the following case path as per the edition that you are using. Select a case version, download, and extract it. The resources.yaml is available in the extracted directory.
Container Image name for Professional edition Image name for Enterprise edition
App server cp.icr.io/cp/ibm-oms-professional/om-agent:<tag> cp.icr.io/cp/ibm-oms-enterprise/om-agent:<tag>
Agent server cp.icr.io/cp/ibm-oms-professional/om-app:<tag> cp.icr.io/cp/ibm-oms-enterprise/om-app:<tag>
Base image cp.icr.io/cp/ibm-oms-professional/om-base:<tag> cp.icr.io/cp/ibm-oms-enterprise/om-base:<tag>
Call Center - base cp.icr.io/cp/ibm-oms-professional/om-call-center-base:<tag> cp.icr.io/cp/ibm-oms-enterprise/om-call-center-base:<tag>
Call Center - extension cp.icr.io/cp/ibm-oms-professional/om-call-center-ext:<tag> cp.icr.io/cp/ibm-oms-enterprise/om-call-center-ext:<tag>
Order Hub - base cp.icr.io/cp/ibm-oms-professional/om-orderhub-base:<tag> cp.icr.io/cp/ibm-oms-enterprise/om-orderhub-base:<tag>
Order Hub - extension cp.icr.io/cp/ibm-oms-professional/om-orderhub-ext:<tag> cp.icr.io/cp/ibm-oms-enterprise/om-orderhub-ext:<tag>
Order Service cp.icr.io/cp/ibm-oms-professional/orderservice:<tag> cp.icr.io/cp/ibm-oms-enterprise/orderservice:<tag>