Creating a secret

A secret is used for setting sensitive information for creating OMEnvironment through Sterling Order Management System Software Operator.


  1. Configure the values as illustrated in the following <sample_secret_file>.yaml file.
    apiVersion: v1
    kind: Secret
      name: '<Release-name>-oms-secret'
    type: Opaque
      consoleAdminPassword: '<liberty console admin password>'
      consoleNonAdminPassword: '<liberty console non admin password>'
      dbPassword: '<password for database user>'
      trustStorePassword: '<password for custom TrustStore>'
      keyStorePassword: '<password for custom KeyStore>'
      # Set the following parameter only if you are integrating Sterling Order Management System Software with Sterling Intelligent Promising. 
      # ivSecret: DEFAULT
  2. If you are deploying Order Service with Sterling Order Management System Software, add the following parameters in the <sample_secret_file>.yaml file.
    es_username: '<username for elasticsearch>'
    es_password: '<password for elasticsearch>'
    cassandra_username: '<username for cassandra>'
    cassandra_password: '<password for cassandra>'
    Note: If you want to configure JWT authentication independently in your Sterling Order Management System Software without using Sterling Order Management System Software integration provided by Operator, you must add the value of the jwt_oms_public_key property in Sterling Order Management System Software secret.
  3. Pass the name of the secret as a value to the secret parameter of OMEnvironment spec.
    Note:  For the secret name, it is recommended that you prefix release name to it.
  4. Run the following command.
    oc create -f <sample_secret_file>.yaml -n <namespace>
    A secret based on the values entered in the <sample_secret_file>.yaml file is created and encoded.