Value added services process model: statuses

Statuses are the actual states that a document moves through in the pipeline.

About this task

A transaction can contain two types of statuses, a drop status and a pickup status. A document is moved into a drop status when the events and conditions of a transaction have been completed. A pickup status takes the document from the previous drop status and moves it through the next transaction. Created and Scheduled are examples of statuses.

To view the status details of a Value Added Services pipeline:


  1. From the tree in the application rules side panel, choose VAS > VAS Process > VAS Process Model. The VAS Process window displays.
  2. In the VAS Process window, choose the Statuses icon.
  3. The Statuses tab window displays. Refer to Table 1 for field value descriptions.


Table 1. Work order VAS pipeline - statuses tab window
Field Description
Work Order Created This indicates that a work order is created.

This corresponds to the first step of the 'Create Work Order' transaction.

Work Order Completed This indicates all activities required for the work order is complete.

This corresponds to the ‘Confirm Work Order' transaction.

This transaction creates inventory for the parent item on the work order. Putaway process for the finished inventory to storage or to packing or shipping zones can be initiated.

Work Order Canceled This indicates cancellation of the Work Order for the shipment.

This corresponds to the ‘Cancel Work Order' transaction.