Migration estimates

This topic provides information for a single-hop and multi-hop migration estimates with different data amounts.

You can refer to the single-hop migration estimates as a general guideline when determining the time it takes to perform a multihop upgrade. However, you must understand that the multihop migration process may require less time to perform than the combined single-hop migrations. Some tasks require less time when performed as part of a multihop upgrade than when performed as part of multiple single-hop upgrades. Other tasks are performed multiple times when you perform multiple single-hop migrations but performed only once as part of a multihop migration, such as performing the initupgrade task. Additionally, migration times vary depending on hardware configuration and other factors.

The time it takes to upgrade from Release 9.5 to Release 10.0 varies due to numerous factors. However, you can review this information for a migration estimate.

Note: It is recommended that you use the information provided in this topic as a rough estimate and not as an actual estimate.
The following hardware configuration was used to arrive at the time estimates:
  • DB Version: 10.5.5
  • DB Server OS: RHEL 7.2
  • Number of CPUs on the DB Server: eight 2.3 GHz processors
  • RAM on Database Server: 32 GB
  • Disk Filesystem: EXT4
  • Application Server (The server on which the migration is performed)
  • Number of CPUs: two 2.3 GHz processors
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • OS: RHEL 6.7

Row counts for key tables

The following table provides row counts for key tables in the sample database for Release 10.0.

Table 1. Row counts for key tables in the sample database
Data Current Data Size History Data Size
Number of Orders 2546778 4200133
Number of Order Lines 6252203 8856835
Number of Items 1718266 N/A
Number of Inventory Items 2176060 N/A
Number of Resource Pool Capacity Consumptions 175224 N/A

Migration estimate

The following table provides time estimates pertaining to the migration process based on the data provided in Table 1.
Note: Time is dependent on database tuning when retrieving count of records on the database.
Table 2. Migration estimates
Time Task
7 sec. copyextensions
3 min. 58 sec. initupgrade
4 sec. migration-validation
~20 sec. update-metadata-tables (For sharded environments only)
~7 sec. delete-stale-colony-pool (For sharded environments only)
10 sec. alter-history-tables
10 sec. install-history-indexes
32 sec. upgrade-history-tables
12 sec. alter-transaction-tables
9 sec. install-transaction-indexes
4 min. 12 sec. upgrade-transaction-tables
31 sec. migrate-doc-params
1 min. 58 sec. Add-in upgrade-transaction-tables
25 sec. Add-in upgrade-history-tables
41 sec. run-history-drop
55 sec. run-transaction-drop
~ 40 sec. migrate-custom-doc-types
~ 40 sec. migrate-char-to-varchar-h
~ 40 sec. migrate-char-to-varchar