Using Order Hub to manage your fulfillment network

Order Hub is an IBM® Sterling Order Management System Software user interface that fulfillment and order management professionals can use to manage their fulfillment network.

You can translate your business goals into actions within the fulfillment network by using the intuitive interface, contextual data, and key performance metrics that Order Hub provides.

Using Order Hub, you can view various metrics and to monitor nodes, orders, and shipments across your network. You can also define alert rules to identify SLA and progress risks and display alerts on your workspace.

Additionally, you can use Order Hub to view extensive details about nodes and orders and perform various actions such as change the node capacity and reassign pending order releases to other available nodes. You can also view details about items and SKUs and perform various inventory actions such as move inventory across nodes, adjust safe stock, and set fulfillment options.

Overview video

New to Order Hub? View a video to learn about how you can use Order Hub to manage your fulfillment network efficiently.

(Video)Order Hub overview