Modify a change request

You can modify the details of a Change Request such as the short or long description, and add or remove contributors. However, you can start, stop, complete or delete a Change Request only if you are a contributor.

About this task

A creator of the Change Request can only complete or delete the change request. Only Change Requests that are not marked complete can be modified.

Note: You can complete or delete the Change Request only when other users are not working on it.

To modify a Change Request:


  1. Log in to Sterling Business Center as an Enterprise Administrator or a user with Change Project permissions.
  2. The application home page is displayed. The My Change Requests dashlet displays all the Change Requests that you created along with their status.
  3. Each of the listed Change Request is a hyperlink. Click on the Change Request name to view its details. If the organization context is different, the system prompts you to confirm before changing the organization context and displaying the Change Request details.
  4. The Change Request Details screen is displayed. Modify the Short or Long Descriptions as required. Fields marked with "*" are mandatory.
  5. To add contributors to the Change Request, click Add in the Contributors panel. For details on adding contributors to the Change Request, see the topic, Assign Contributors to a Change Request.
  6. To remove contributors, select the contributors from the list in the Contributors panel and click Delete.