Log in to Sterling Business Center

To access the Sterling Business Center application and use its features, you must first log in to the application using a valid user ID and password. Only enterprise users can log in to the Sterling Business Center application.

About this task

  • When you log in using a browser or a browser version that is not supported by Sterling Business Center, a warning dialog box is displayed to report browser incompatibility. If you continue using an unsupported browser or browser version, you may encounter user interface issues. For more information about the browsers and browser versions supported by Sterling Business Center, see the IBM® Support Portal.
  • Microsoft has discontinued the support for Internet Explorer versions 8, 9, and 10. Therefore, it is recommended that you use either the latest version of Internet Explorer or other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

To log in to the application:


  1. Point your browser to the URL provided by your system administrator.
  2. A new browser window is displayed. Enter your user ID and password, and click Sign In.

    The Sterling Business Center home page is displayed.

    Note: It is recommended that the timezone of the system where the browser is running is same as the logged-in user's timezone.