Create a change project

The Change Project Details screen allows you to create Change Projects, create Change Requests related to the Change Project, and assign approvers to the Change Project, who approve the projects for moving them into the production environment.

About this task

When you create a Change Project, it is in the "Draft" status. You must activate the Change Project to allow designated users to work on it. When you activate a Change Project, it is in the "Open" status. Designated users work on the Change Projects that are in the "Open" Status. Each Change Project contains one or more Change Requests related to the project. Each Change Project is identified by a Change Project ID, which is system generated.

Each Change Project can be in one of the following statuses during its work cycle:

When a Change Project is created, it is in the "Draft" status, by default. When the project is in "Draft" status, users cannot start Change Requests and work on them.
When a Change Project is activated, it is in the "Open" status. Users can start work on Change Requests of a Change Project, when Change Project is open.
Work In Progress
When a user starts a Change Request to work on, the Change Project to which the Change Request belongs, is moved to the "Work in Progress" status automatically.
Awaiting Approval
When all the Change Requests of a Change Project reach completion, the Change Project moves to "Awaiting Approval" status. Such change projects must be approved for moving them to the production environment.
When an approver approves the Change Project, the status of the Change Project becomes "Approved".
When the Change Project is exported to the production environment, the Change Project status becomes "Published".
When an approver rejects the changes, the status of the change project becomes "Rejected". The details of the Change Project are not erased. The Change Project can be reopened for approving changes and moving them to the production environment.

To create a Change Project:


  1. Log in to Sterling Business Center as an Enterprise Administrator or a user with Change Project permissions.
  2. The application home page is displayed. In the My Change Projects dashlet, click New. The system prompts you to confirm the correct organization context in case you have permissions to manage other organizations.
  3. A Select Enterprise dialog box is displayed. Select the enterprise for which you want to create the Change Project from the Enterprise Code drop-down list and click Select. By default, the current enterprise (organization context) is displayed. If you select an enterprise which is different from the organization context, the system switches the organization context accordingly. The Select Enterprise dialog box is not displayed when you have access to a single enterprise.
  4. The Change Project Details screen is displayed. The Change Project ID is automatically generated once the project is saved.
  5. Specify the following to create a Change Project. Fields marked with "*" are mandatory.
    1. In the Short Description box, enter a short description for the Change project. For example, "Adding Users".
    2. In the Long Description box, enter an explanation for the new Change Project task. You can add localized values for both the short and long descriptions by clicking the Localize button adjacent to the boxes. See the topic, Localize Descriptions.
  6. Select the check box, "Publish immediately when the changes are approved" to move the changes to the production environment as soon as they are approved. If the check box is not selected, the changes will be exported to the production environment based on the time set in the Applications Manager.
  7. Click Save to save the new project.
  8. Click Open to activate the project and change the status to "Open". Designated users can work on the Change Project only when it is open.
  9. You must add Change Requests and approvers to the Change Project for further processing. To create Change Requests, see the topic, Creating a Change Request. To add approvers to the Change Project, see the topic, Assign Approvers to a Change Project.