Modifying an item price list

You can modify an item in a price list.

About this task

To modify an item in a price list, use the Price list: item details window:

Table 1. Price list: item details window
Field Description
Item ID Enter the item ID for the item you are adding to the price list.
UOM Select a unit of measure for the item.
Product Class Select the product class the item falls under.
List Price Enter the price the item is listed for.
Retail Price Enter the price the item is sold for.
Unit Price By Quantity Range Once the item is created choose the Create New icon to add item price set details.

Choose the Details icon to modify a detail.

Choose the Delete icon to delete a detail.

Region Enter the region that the item pricing is applicable to.

For example, if you adding a delivery service item that delivers to both a metro region and a suburb region, but charges for delivery to the metro regions, you would create two records: one specifying the metro region and its pricing and one for the suburb region.

Note: This field is optional. If left blank, the quantity pricing range works for any region.
Note: The region specified here must be part of the region schema associated with the item you are creating.
From Quantity Enter the beginning amount for quantity pricing.
To Quantity Enter the end amount for a price range based on purchase of a particular number of items.
Unit Price Enter the cost per item for that start and end quantity.

To modify an item price list:


  1. In the Price List Details window select the applicable item and choose the Details icon from the Item Level Pricing list. The Item Price Set Details window displays.
  2. Enter information in the applicable fields. Refer to Table 1 for field value descriptions.
  3. Choose the Save icon.